Conservatism at the very heart of our professional life.

Our vision and aims are set out here and all donations go towards achieving these. We support the Conservative Party but we are not ‘officially’ affiliated.

About us

The Conservative Party manifesto committed to supporting business, innovation and entrepreneurship. With more tech unicorns than any other country in Europe and huge success with business seed funding initiatives, it is clear that Conservatives understand how to create an environment that can grow and nurture business. CitC is committed to maintaining and advancing the business environment at the heart of our country.

Professionals in the City are driven, ambitious and career-focussed. They are the current and future leaders of business and enterprise in our country. Conservatives In The City will engage individuals who are both politically aware and aligned to Conservative political and economic values in their outlook.

Our intention is to provide a forum for professionals within the City, fostering political engagement with those that form our natural support-base. With the current uncertainty destined to shape the economic landscape for a generation, it is more vital than ever that we inculcate an inclusive, collegiate and diverse culture across our professional and financial services sector, embracing the values at our core and ensuring the strength in the backbone of our economy.

CitC is committed to creating a likeminded community of professionals who can exchange ideas, knowledge and experience in order to strengthen Conservative values in the heart of our country.

What is the aim of CitC?

Our aim is to establish a forum for professionals, Fostering political engagement amongst those Conservative supporters forging their careers primarily within the financial and professional services sectors. Find out more here.

Why was CitC established?

CitC is committed to creating a forum for Conservatives who work in financial and related professional services. We believe that there is a need for the many who support the Conservatives, or share our values, to have a platform for expressing those beliefs with a wider group of people who work in the engine room of the UK economy.

Registered in England No: 12551254