Conservatives in the City: The Origin

Conservatives in the City: The Origin

The need for a group committed to Conservative values amongst the grassroots that work at the heart of the nation’s economyEd McGuinness

Since I left the army in 2018, I have always sought out organisations and people that share the same values: Public service, Integrity, Respect and Loyalty. I found that in a number of places and one was the Association that I joined, and eventually chaired, in Islington during the General Election. Another was Hornsey & Wood Green when I stood as a candidate and the associations in Finchley & Golders Green and Chipping Barnett where we helped return Conservative Members of Parliament.

However, when I moved to London and was out campaigning or even when the talk turned to politics in the pub after work I found there was a huge number of committed and driven people who shared my values but simply did not have a forum to go along to, and discuss those values in the context of their chosen industry and the industries that drive so much of the economy in London and nationally.

I therefore decided to set up Conservatives in the City alongside my friend and neighbouring GE 2019 candidate in Hackney and Stoke Newington Ben Obese-Jecty.

The Conservative Party manifesto committed to supporting business, innovation and entrepreneurship. With more tech unicorns than any other country in Europe and huge success with business seed-funding initiatives, it is clear that only the Conservatives understand how to create an environment that can grow and nurture business.

Conservatives in the City is committed to maintaining and advancing that business environment at the heart of our country.

To do that, Conservatives in the City has created a likeminded community of professionals who can exchange ideas, knowledge and experience in order to strengthen Conservative values in the heart of our country. Professionals in the City are many of the current and future leaders of business in our country, and Conservatives in the City will engage individuals who are both politically aware and aligned to Conservative political and economic values in their outlook.

Our intention is to provide a forum for grassroots activism within the City, fostering political engagement with those who form our natural support-base.

With the current uncertainty destined to shape the economic landscape for a generation, it is more vital than ever that we inculcate an inclusive, collegiate and diverse culture across our professional and financial services sector, embracing the values at our core and ensuring the strength in the backbone of our economy. With the City and surrounding districts offering around 10% of UK tax revenues and making up 10% of the total size of the economy, a strong, vibrant and growing sector will be a cornerstone of the UK recovery.

So how are we going to do this? We have already had a huge swell of support and have six top class Patrons on board already: Kemi Badenoch, Bim Afolami, Harriett Baldwin, Anthony Browne, Felicity Buchan and Julie Marson. Each of them brings a huge wealth of experience and knowledge from working in the City in Finance, Law and Consultancy.

With this support and with our new members we will meet, discuss, debate and grow our group to support a Conservative approach to the economy, particularly here in the beating heart of the City.

We welcome all those who want to be part of a new and exciting group which can add real value to our Party by bringing its core principles to bear in business.

Original published on Conservative Progress on 08 July 2020

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A group set up to bring together Conservatives in the Professional and Financial services sector.

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